Research Projects for Mr. Wright Eng. 9 & 10

Remember to be discerning about where you get your information as you begin searching on the Internet. Show your Media Literacy Skills!

Online Encyclopedia Britannica



10th Grade Research Paper Assignment:

Investigate the impact of colonization on a nation or culture.    Investigate an event in Western Colorado History
            (Cause/Effect Format)
 important figures?
Uranium Boom: Southwest Colorado
 when Opening of the Gunnison Tunnel
 resistance South Canyon Fire/Storm King Mountain
 reason/rationale of colonizing country Sunnyside Mine Collapse/Lake Emma/Silverton
 impacts (language, culture, lifestyle, population) Introduction of Antler Restrictions for Hunting
 Particular Indian tribes in US

Introduction of Sweet Corn as an Agricultural Crop in SW Colorado
British colonization of Nigeria  Intro of Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking for Extracting Natural Gas from Shale Oil Deposits
Colonization of South Africa
Building of the Russell Stover Candy Factory in Montrose
British in India  Development of Ski Resorts in Colorado (Aspen, Telluride, Breckenridge, Etc.)
 US Colonization of Philippines Ridgway Dam (Dallas Creek Project)
 Japanese colonization of Korea Blue Mesa Reservoir????
 English colonization of Ireland  
 Arawak Indians (Native Inhabitants of the Caribbean Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti)  

Grade 9: Classes that read John Steinbeck's The Pearl

Investigate a historical event involving class struggle, where one group of people with less power struggled against a group with more power.

Some possible topics:


1968 East LA Walkout

Cesar Chavez Grape Boycott

Emiliano Zapata Land Reform and the Mexican Revolution

Watts Riots

American Indian Movement

Lunch Counter Sit-Ins

Gandhi in India

Grade 9: Classes that read Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

Investigate a situation where a government or institution censored art, information, or knowledge. 

Encyclopedia Britannica: History of Censorship, Examples from News & Media, Examples from the United States and World History

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union ACLU

Censorship of Books and Library Materials: Banned Book Week

Censorship in the Media and News: Project Censored

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