Kathy Gaber

Kathy Gaber


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Hello, I am honored to be a part of the Montrose educational system and excited to work with your family. I teach visual media at Montrose High School in room 105. My courses have ranged from print and broadcast journalism to digital photography and graphic design. 

Please visit the tabs to the left of this site in order to view my student’s work. You may also read my educational philosophy below for insight on why I developed and how I instruct the visual media programs at Montrose High School.

* I believe all people should have a voice and take responsibility for themselves and others; therefore, I expect my students to be self directed, organized, accountable, and stand-up for themselves and the rights of others.

* I believe that people work best with limits; therefore, I set clear expectations and guidelines.

*  I believe people are in control of their own lives; therefore, I allow students to be the decision makers in the classroom.

* I believe all people have a creative side; therefore, my classroom is project oriented with built in time for exploration.

*  I believe people have different learning styles; therefore, I provide a number of different activities including research, hands on projects, discussions, lectures, demonstrations, etc.

* I believe people should strive to be the best that they can be; therefore, I set high expectations.

* I believe people are responsible for their own education; therefore, I see my role as a facilitator rather then educator, and I expect students to initiate learning.

* I believe people learn best from experiencing learning; therefore, I incorporate much hands-on learning and practice, and I expect students to get involved.

* I believe people can learn from each other; therefore, I incorporate much cooperative learning, student presentations, and student leaders.

* I believe people should care about each other and themselves; therefore, I expect students to respect themselves, each other, and the classroom policies.

* I believe people need to demonstrate knowledge and skill; therefore, I assess through student projects, progress, and portfolios much more than traditional testing.

* I believe people need to function in a multi faceted society; therefore, I incorporate as many areas of appropriate technology as availability will allow. I view technology as a tool for education, not as a separate entity in education.

* I believe the classroom curriculum should be driven by what is best for student learning and that teachers are responsible for helping students meet educational standards.

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